Sophie Hannah Eliades

Sophie is a content marketing strategist, who uses her trading knowledge for the good of our traders. After all, with great knowledge, comes great responsibility! With over 4 years’ experience in the Forex industry, coupled beautifully with a diverse scientific background, she has a profound ability to match the perfect information with the traders that need it most!

It’s Sophie’s firm belief that, due to the diverse nature of the Forex industry, each individual trader requires bespoke tools to succeed. We all have different learning mechanisms and run at our own pace, so, why should the learning process be any different?

With that in mind, Sophie has dedicated herself to developing a diverse array of tailored content to suit the plethora of clients that we cater to. Working with a multitude of accomplished analysts and writers using Elliott Waves, Pattern Analysis, Breakout Strategies and so much more, her aim is to create a wealth of information to truly help our traders to succeed.

After seeing the benefits and pitfalls of numerous trading strategies first-hand, she’s a firm believer of finding a trading style that suits each individual client’s requirements. If you’re a scalper in need of some know-how, an epic EA designer scanning our spreads, or quite simply a fundamental trader looking for some news – Sophie’s got you covered!