Warnung vor hohem Risiko: Der Handel mit Finanzprodukten auf Marge birgt ein hohes Risiko und ist nicht für alle Anleger geeignet. Sie riskieren Ihr investiertes Kapital zu verlieren. Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie die Risiken vollständig verstanden haben und gehen Sie mit der entsprechenden Sorgfalt mit Ihrem Risiko um.

Trader of the Month

Trade yourself to the top and
bask in your glory with a $1,000 prize.

Tickmill is proud to have a long and expanding list of successful traders who benefit from our quality services.

Believing that remarkable achievements deserve special acknowledgment, every month we choose the best of the best among our skilled clients and award the top-performing trader with a $1,000 prize.

When deciding on the winner, we account not only for good profit, but also for money and risk management skills.

No additional registration is required to participate in the contest. Just open a live account with Tickmill, if you haven’t already done so, show your outstanding trading skills and you may well become the next Trader of the Month.


Become the Trader of the Month

Trade yourself to the top and enjoy a well-earned reward!

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Wall of Fame

Trader Name: Longjun
Trader Name: Shing
Trader Name: Chaobo
Trader Name: Cuong
Trader Name: Chao
Trader Name: Trung
Trader Name: Lei
Trader Name: Manal
Trader Name: Zhifeng
  • Trader Name: Zhifeng
  • Month: October 2020
  • Profit: $81,659.98
  • Mehr erfahren
Trader Name: Longjun
  • Trader Name: Longjun
  • Month: September 2020
  • Profit: $45,008.87
  • Mehr erfahren
Trader Name: Orhan
Trader Name: Wei
  1. All Tickmill Ltd (FSA SC Regulated) live account holders participate automatically so you can continue trading as normal. No registration is required.
  2. Tickmill staff and their relatives are not eligible to participate.
  3. The minimum equity of a participating account is $500 (or equivalent in other base currency).
  4. The Contest starts on the first and ends on the last day of each month.
  5. By accepting the prize, the Winner agrees to participate in a written interview and give Tickmill consent to publish their trading account history and possibly use the information provided during the Contest both within the context of the Contest and for any other marketing purposes.
  6. The Winner of each month will be selected by a 3-person jury consisting of Tickmill management members.
  7. Each member of the jury will select one candidate for the Trader of the Month among Tickmill Ltd (FSA SC Regulated) live account holders only.
  8. The Winner will be selected based on the following metrics and factors: – profit (as a percentage) at the end of the month; – maximum draw-down – risk management; – ratio of profits to losses (risk to reward ratio).
  9. Each member of the jury has one vote per candidate. The jury will select one Winner among suggested candidates by a vote of at least 2 to 1.
  10. If the jury is not able to select a Winner for a given month, the prize will carry over to the next month.
  11. The Winner will be announced within the first 15 trading days of a new month via the Tickmill Facebook page.
  12. The Contest prize can be used by the Winner for trading on the Company’s live account or can be withdrawn at any time, without any restriction.