Gang showed excellent account and risk management skills in May 2022 and got a $1,000 prize!

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How long have you been trading?

I have been trading Forex for over 3 years.

How did you get involved in Forex trading?

I got involved in Forex trading through a friend's recommendation.

What is your trading style?

I'm a high frequency trader with small volume.

Do you practice risk management?

Yes, I always take risk management seriously. I always trade with a stop loss.

What are some good habits smart traders develop?

I think a good habit of a trader is not to be greedy.

Describe your best/most memorable trade (How much did you profit? What was the strategy? What pair?

A memorable trade was one in May when I took advantage of volatility to turn losses into profits. I made a profit of $1800 from a trade of EURUSD.

What advice would you give to new traders?

My advice is to control your trading costs well.

Considering the current state of the market, what do you think are the news/events traders should keep an eye on?

Don’t pay too much attention to the news in my opinion.

What are the most important things you look for in a Forex broker?

I think the most important things to look for are strong regulation and fast deposit/withdrawal processing.