Shaun showed excellent account and risk management skill in June 2015 and got the prize 1000 USD

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For how long have you been trading?

Approximately I have been trading 1 year.

What instruments do you prefer to trade and why?

I prefer trading mainly EUR/USD due to low spreads, and high around the clock liquidity.

What schedule (trading hours) do you have for your trading?

No specific hours, however I do try and avoid volatile periods such as Big News Events, or opening positions on Friday and leaving them open over the weekend.

Did you receive personal training from other traders or did you mainly educate yourself on your own?

I’m a Self Educated aspiring Trader.


What do you consider the best type of education for a trader?

Experience, in other word trading the markets is the best way to improve. I’m a hands on learner.

Do you create your own strategies or use the ones that already exist? Can you briefly describe your strategy?

My strategy try’s to take advantage of big momentum created during Breakouts of key Resistance/Support Levels.

What is the most important quality a trader should have?

Faith followed closely by Perseverance.

How do you deal with losses, does it have an emotional impact on you?

I try and keep a cool mind and remind myself that I’m not trading to get rich overnight. I am trading for long-term results, I look for good Risk to Reward trades.

Are you satisfied with our service and is there anything we can improve?

Overall it is good, when scalping there is the occasional slippage but not much.