Jiamei showed excellent account and risk management skills in October 2015 and got the prize $1,000!

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For how long have you been trading?

I have been trading on Forex market more than 3 years.

What instruments do you prefer to trade and why?

My favorite pair is EUR/USD. I like it because it’s volatile and thus it’s easier for me to make decisions.

What schedule (trading hours) do you have for your trading?

I do not have a specific schedule for trading. I trade whenever opportunity presents itself.

Did you receive personal training from other traders or did you mainly educate yourself on your own?

I have learned on my own.


What do you consider the best type of education for a trader?

I think the most important is trading experience. As all traders I have had some margin calls. I have taken those as a big lesson and learned each of those.

Do you create your own strategies or use the ones that already exist? Can you briefly describe your strategy?

Firstly I determine a trend. Then I open positions according to the trend. If trend reverses then I will close some or all positions.

What is the most important quality a trader should have?

Trader should be able to maintain emotional control. Biggest risk is when trader starts to open positions based on emotions.

How do you deal with losses, does it have an emotional impact on you?

If you have a have a good or bad day then it helps if I take some time off to keep my emotions under control.

Are you satisfied with our service and is there anything we can improve?

I am really happy with your trading conditions. Sometimes during big news events I have experienced some slippage. It would be great if you could minimize it even more.