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For how long have you been trading?

I have been trading on the Forex market for 3 years.

What instruments do you prefer to trade and why?

I like trading EUR/USD, because it has high liquidity, it’s easier to grasp the news and unexpected events will not affect the pair much.

What schedule (trading hours) do you have for your trading?

I do not have a specific trading session. Normally I trade during the European and the US trading sessions.

Did you receive personal training from other traders or did you mainly educate yourself on your own?

I have not received any personal training, I learned Forex trading mainly by educating myself. I’ve seen some online training webinars, but they did not help me.




What do you consider the best type of education for a trader?

I think the best educational method is trading on real market.

Do you create your own strategies or use the ones that already exist? Can you briefly describe your strategy?

I have created my own strategies. I use Martin EA in combination with technical analysis. I run tests with light volumes, then opens trades with large lots after the trend is confirmed.

What is the most important quality a trader should have?

I think that a good attitude is most important.

How do you deal with losses, does it have an emotional impact on you?

Losses always affect me emotionally. I am trying to keep my emotions under control.

Are you satisfied with our service and is there anything we can improve?

Tickmill has very good trading environment, I hope that PaymentAsia deposits will be automated soon.