Fund Analysis

July 26, 2019

ECB Increases Focus on the Side-effects of NIRP, Warranting new Depths in Negative Rates

Added 26/07/2019 By Arthur Idiatulin
ECB’s statement and Draghi’s remarks at the press conference on Thursday set the stage for exploring new bottoms of NIRP, QE and other mitigation meas...
July 24, 2019

Reserve Currency Status as a Factor for Medium-term Dollar Decline

Added 24/07/2019 By Arthur Idiatulin
The status of reserve currency should be necessarily supported by an economic power of the issuing country as it makes possible for the currency to as...
July 23, 2019

A Rough Patch for Wall Street’s ‘Big Five’?

Added 23/07/2019 By Arthur Idiatulin
Morgan Stanley’s financial results were released on Sunday, completing the reporting of the five largest US banks for Q2, 2019. The data showed that t...
July 22, 2019

US and Vietnam: from “Best Friends” to Trade Rivals?

Added 22/07/2019 By Arthur Idiatulin
Next possible leg of the trade war may affect countries that have emerged victorious at the expense of first victims. This assumption is explained by ...
July 19, 2019

IEA’s Birol: Oil consumption forecast can be revised to the downside in the coming months

Added 19/07/2019 By Arthur Idiatulin
The International Energy Agency (IEA) cut forecast for oil consumption in 2019 due to flattening growth of the global economy and persisting risks fro...
July 19, 2019

Key economic events and reports of the upcoming week

Added 19/07/2019 By Arthur Idiatulin
Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - Existing Home Sales (Jun)(USD).Wednesday, July 24, 2019 - German Manufacturing PMI (Jul)(EUR), New Home Sales (Jun)(USD), Cru...
July 19, 2019

Fed Williams’ “Brilliant Failure” in Communication Sparked jolt on the Markets

Added 19/07/2019 By Arthur Idiatulin
After it became clear that the Fed is going to cut rates in July, market expectations had a room to develop only towards the most bearish outcome (50 ...
July 18, 2019

Policy Bias in China: Fighting with Credit Leverage or Adding more Stimulus?

Added 18/07/2019 By Arthur Idiatulin
A key gauge of the debt burden in Chinese economy exceeded 300% of GDP, the Institute of International Finance reported. Beijing was forced...
July 17, 2019

Market discounts retail sales data focusing on the Fed comments as July meeting looms

Added 17/07/2019 By Arthur Idiatulin
Greenback posted surprisingly muted response to strong US retail sales on Tuesday, despite of actual figures printing almost twice higher than the est...