Patrick Munnelly

Money Manager, Mentor & Market Commentator
Patrick has been involved in the financial markets for 15 years as a self-educated professional trader and money manager. Flitting between the roles of market commentator, analyst and mentor, Patrick has improved the technical skills and psychological stance of literally hundreds of traders – coaching them to become savvy market operators!

He also manages a Proprietary Trading team to help to develop and fund retail trading talent. Patrick’s core expertise, since 2013, lies in swing trading in the foreign exchange, futures and commodities markets, giving him a full understanding of how critical it is to focus on trading processes over outcomes.

He is super keen on consistently adhering to a trading plan that is under pinned by a rigorous risk management strategy, as he knows that a good trader is a safe trader! Away from the charts he pursues his passions for Wing Chun, Tennis and Travel!

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