February 02, 2022

Music Legends Clash With Spotify Over Rogan Anti-Vax Controversy

Added 4 months ago By James Harte
Content Controversy Music streaming platform Spotify has been drawing plenty of heat recently following a row which erupted just a fortnight ago. Fol...
December 16, 2021

Market Spotlight: Trading The December BOE Meeting

Added 6 months ago By James Harte
Tough Call For BOE Today’s Bank of England meeting is drawing a great deal of attention and has the potential to cause significant price action swing...
December 09, 2021

BOE Dec Rate Hike In Doubt Following New COVID Restrictions

Added 6 months ago By James Harte
Deja Vu In The UK In a situation which was eerily reminiscent of this exact time last year, the UK government took the market by surprise last week w...
December 03, 2021

How Much Will Omicron Overshadow Today's NFP Release?

Added 6 months ago By James Harte
COVID Uncertainty Dominates The uncertainty around the recently announced Omicron COVID-variant has been well reflected in the price action we’ve see...
December 01, 2021

Shaky Markets Await Further Omicron Updates

Added 6 months ago By James Harte
Sharp Shift In Sentiment The last few days in markets have served as a sharp reminder of just how quickly sentiment can shift. This time last week, t...
November 30, 2021

Fed's Powell Warns Over Omicron Threat

Added 6 months ago By James Harte
Obstacles Appear Just as bulls thought they were finally beginning to run with the ball, it seems the news of the Omicron variant has well and truly ...
November 30, 2021

Market Spotlight: ZAR Short Opportunities

Added 6 months ago By James Harte
ZAR Under Pressure Following the initial sell off in ZAR on Friday as news of the variant first broke, price has since stalled and remained within th...
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April 09, 2021

Powell Highlights Weak Spots in US Recovery

Powell Speaks At IMF Meeting Amidst rising optimism over the pace of the US vaccination programme and the prospect of an acceleration in the economi...
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March 12, 2021

Biden Targeting July 4th "Independence Day" From COVID

First Prime-Time Televised Address President Biden made his first prime-time televised address to the nation last night. Hot on the heels of signing ...