January 15, 2021

The Friday Forex Takeaway - Episode 65

Key Points from This Week Trump Facing Second Impeachment Following the ultimatum thrown down by democrats in the wake of the Capitol Hill riots last...
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January 14, 2021

House Votes In Favour Of Impeaching Trump

House Votes 232 - 197 The US House of Representatives voted in favour of impeaching president Trump last night. The final vote came in at 232 – 197 i...
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January 13, 2021

Trump's First Public Appearance Since Capitol Hill Riots

Trump Speaks in Alamo President Trump made his first public appearance yesterday since the riots at Capitol Hill last week. Trump was visiting the Tex...
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January 12, 2021

Trump Facing Historic Second Impeachment

Trump Making History It certainly won't be the legacy he hope for when he took office, but Donald Trump's presidency will certainly be viewed as uniqu...
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January 09, 2021

Asian Markets Focus on US Stimulus, Discount News About Stricter Lockdown in Japan

Added 1 year ago By Arthur Idiatulin
Equity markets in the Asia-Pacific region were mostly in upbeat mood on Friday thanks to expectations of additional government stimulus in the United ...
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January 08, 2021

The Friday Forex Takeaway - Episode 64

Key Points From This Week Democrats Win Georgia; Violence in Washington There were historic scenes in the US this week. Both Democrat candidates won ...
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January 07, 2021

Democrats Win in Georgia, Pro-Trump Mobs Riot in DC

Historic Scenes In both US politics and the story of the country, yesterday was a day which was historic for many reasons, though, sadly, not all of t...
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January 06, 2021

Markets Eyeing Democrat Senate Victory

First Seat Looks Like a Democrat Win The results of the Georgia state senate run-offs in the US are almost all in now. So far, the results indicate th...
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December 30, 2020

McConnell Blocks US Stimulus Increase Attempt

Stimulus Increase Blocked Uncertainty around the forthcoming US fiscal stimulus package remains elevated this week. Following a U-turn by Trump over t...