Tickmill has just finished an amazingly successful “Work and Play” campaign, which turned to be so popular among our traders that instead of initially planned one Sony PlayStation 4 we decided to give away three consoles.

“Tickmill’s Head of Marketing Olga Kikas said, “As a broker that understands its traders, here at Tickmill we know how hard the trader’s job is and how important it is to relax after a day of intense trading. That’s why we saw so much interest in the campaign from our clients and decided to share this success with more than one winner.”

The consoles found their lucky owners in China, Malaysia and Indonesia, which clearly indicates that Tickmill is known and trusted by traders globally. Let’s see what our brand-new PlayStation owners like about us.

Our first winner Wong Yat is new to Forex, but sharp enough to understand that Tickmill’s tight spreads are critical to his news-based trading. Specialising in gold and the EUR/USD pair, the second lucky trader Zhi Yuan needs accurate entry and exit points and that’s exactly what Tickmill delivers in session after session. And the last happy PlayStation 4 owner Vicky appreciates our low spreads and commissions.

Full interviews with the winners

For how long have you been trading?

Zhi: I trade forex more than one year. Vicky: I have been trading for 4 months Wong Yat: 4 months.

Why you have chosen to trade with Tickmill?

Zhi: Tickmill has a very good trading conditions. Vicky: Low spread and commission, execution OK Wong Yat: Tight spread.

Do you create your own strategies or use the ones that already exist? Can you briefly describe your strategy?

Zhi: I do not have my own trading system yet, now I’m trying various trading systems, will compose for my close-style trading system. Vicky: I use strategy that already exist, like RSI and stochastic combine with Fibonacci Wong Yat: I don’t have strategies. I just read the news and commentary and trade.

What do you consider the best type of education for a trader?

Zhi: I think it is a systematic study and constant practice. Vicky: Learn more from forex forum or webinar. It will helpful to beginners like me Wong Yat: Economics.

What instruments do you prefer to trade and why?

Zhi: I prefer to trade Gold and EURUSD. Vicky: EURUSD, this pair has lowest spread and very liquid. The most important is my strategy works good on this pair Wong Yat: Forex. High volatility.

What is the most important quality a trader should have?

Zhi: I think the important is that accurate judgment of the entry and exit points. Vicky: Trading plan and emotion, these two quality are basic but these essentials the most important Wong Yat: Patience.

How did you find Tickmill and is there anything we can improve?

Zhi: A friend introduced me to come Tickmill. Vicky: I heard from forum, and most of them give positive reviews, that is why I try Tickmill and Tickmill is really satisfied it’s clients. Wong Yat: More campaigns.

Would you recommend Tickmill to other traders?

Zhi: Yes, sure. Vicky: For sure, for them who want to success in Forex, I very recommend Tickmill. Wong Yat: I already have

Once more, we congratulate the winners and thank all our clients who participated in the campaign. Tickmill wants all its traders to succeed and will keep coming up with offers and special rewards.