February 18, 2019

Our Success in 2018 - Infographic

Added 2 years ago By Tickmill Research Team
2018 has been a great year for us and we have got so many amazing achievements to be proud of including record financial results and new developments,...
January 18, 2019

The Road to Financial Success: Lessons from George Soros

Added 2 years ago By Valerijus Ovsianikas
George Soros is famously known as the man who “broke the Bank of England.” He earned this title in 1992, when he made more than a billion dollars shor...
May 04, 2018

The Other Side of the Bitcoin

Added 3 years ago By Valerijus Ovsianikas
Bitcoin's popularity has reached a fever pitch in the past year and has come under unprecedented scrutiny given its astonishing rise in value. The cry...
December 29, 2017

Are Bitcoin Traders Real Traders?

Added 3 years ago By Illimar Mattus
Slightly more than 2 months ago, on Oct 10th, we launched Bitcoin trading for our global client base. The thing was trading then at 4,700 US dollars. ...
September 27, 2017

Retail FX Industry Is About To Change

Added 3 years ago By Illimar Mattus
Over the past few weeks we have received offers to acquire a strategic stake in some of the EU regulated retail FX brokers, some are STP and others ar...
September 19, 2017

How Would Changes In Leverage Impact FX Brokers

Added 3 years ago By Illimar Mattus
Today is a very windy day in Cyprus. I am looking outside to the sea and spot some wind and kite surfers on the blue Mediterranean Sea. They all seem ...
September 05, 2017

The broker with the best liquidity

Added 3 years ago By Illimar Mattus
Is liquidity a factor? One of the major topics among traders is brokers’ liquidity and execution quality. One common question that clients ask their b...
September 05, 2017

The attractions and pitfalls of trading

Added 3 years ago By Illimar Mattus
Why do so many people want to become traders? People trade stocks, precious metals, commodities and Forex because they believe trading is a holy grail...
September 05, 2017

Social Trading: What is it and How you can Benefit from it

Added 3 years ago By Illimar Mattus
Social trading, trading signals, PAMM/MAM accounts are all social trading functionalities that involve earning money on the Forex market without havin...