Fund Analysis

August 11, 2022

EURUSD Breaks the Bearish Channel on the CPI Report Signaling about Possible Medium-Term Reversal

Added 1 month ago By Arthur Idiatulin
Equity markets made another leap upwards amid a buildup of expectations of a slight dovish shift in the Fed policy. This was facilitated by the releas...
August 10, 2022

Better Than Expected China Inflation Hints US CPI Report may Deliver Bullish Surprise Today

Added 1 month ago By Arthur Idiatulin
US bonds remain under selling pressure ahead of the release of the US inflation report today. This makes it more difficult for yields to rise further ...
August 08, 2022

Signs of Persistent Inflation in the NFP Report Highlight the Importance of the US CPI This Week

Added 1 month ago By Arthur Idiatulin
European equities hold in green while S&P 500 futures consolidate near the June high (4200 points) ahead of a possible breakout, as the strong labor m...
August 06, 2022

Goldman Calls for Caution as Bull Market is yet to be Justified by Strong Economy

Added 1 month ago By Arthur Idiatulin
According to a note from Goldman Sachs on Thursday, US equities are headed for another big sell-off if economic data fails to improve quickly to justi...
August 05, 2022

July NFP Preview: “Bad News is Good News” Reaction is Highly Likely

Added 1 month ago By Arthur Idiatulin
The dollar retreated 2% from yearly highs and appears to be primed for a rally which could be triggered by the labor market report. However, the react...
August 04, 2022

Decreasing US Economic Uncertainty Pushes Equity Prices Back into Bull Territory

Added 1 month ago By Arthur Idiatulin
Incoming data on the US economy continues to surprise on the upside, triggering massive unwinding of recession bets and luring investors back into ris...
August 03, 2022

Upbeat US ISM Release Suggests Hopes of Fed Dovish Shift may Fade Quickly

Added 1 month ago By Arthur Idiatulin
Provocative from a Chinese point of view, Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan and the promised tough response from the Chinese authorities met with a rathe...
August 02, 2022

Despite Risk of Slowing Fed Tightening, Dollar Correction may be Over and here is why

Added 1 month ago By Arthur Idiatulin
The planned visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan has the potential to exacerbate relations between the US and China, which in the foreign ...
July 30, 2022

EU Inflation Breaks to a New High, Driving Higher Recession Risks

Added 2 months ago By Arthur Idiatulin
Annual inflation in the Eurozone in July accelerated to 8.9%, showed a report released on Friday. This is a new all-time high. In June, inflation was ...