Hu Sijing, editor-in-chief of the Chinese state newspaper Global Times said on Twitter that Chinese authorities urged local firms to purchase US agricultural products, including soybeans and pork.

“Based on the information I know, the Chinese government will urge Chinese companies to buy a certain amount of US agricultural products, including soy bots, as well as pork. These products will be excluded from the list of duties. This step was made in the hope that the American side will show goodwill in the form of reciprocal actions for rapprochement with China.

“China is one of the leading importers of US agricultural products, in particular soybeans”.

“As Reuters reported on Thursday, some Chinese companies sent inquiries about the price of US agricultural products, indicating the possibility of easing tensions in the trade conflict between the two countries”.

“It is predicted that full-fledged trade negotiations between the two countries will resume in the coming weeks”.

There were mixed reports on Thursday that US and China are going to make interim deal before conducting comprehensive stocks but Trump then said it won’t be easy, curbing positive developments. Dollar continued slump on Friday, suffering from outflows of risk averse investors who previously sought haven in the US currency.

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