TICKMILL VIETNAM is pleased to be an exclusive sponsor and to accompany the talkshow.

In the middle of May 2021, a talk show with the criteria of a close, intimate conversations, sharing current and necessary issues for investors will be recorded and officially appeared on Tickmill Vietnam’s Fanpage and Youtube channel.

With his skillful and ingenious guidances - Host Quoc Khanh quickly connected our guests and helped them having time to share and give opinions, personal blood-and-blood experiences in the humorous way. The Talkshow also help viewers visualizing and better understanding the current situation of the market.

At the beginning of the Talkshow chain, we will send to you the topic "Personal finance and risk distribution in the New Normal Period". As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic, which appeared from the end of 2019, has been like a blow to "wake up" all of us from our living habits to the way of doing business in general. The pandemic also takes control and allocate finance to individuals and businesses in particular. Therefore, we fully believe that with this topic, we will all find ourselves in the stories of two experienced guests, Mr. Duong Huy - the Founder of TraderViet & Finfin.vn and Ms. Truong Ngoc Anh – a Vietnam’s famous actress / Producer / Entrepreneur, who is a modern woman, brave, knowledge and a financial independent person. Each person will share their own interesting and effective "secrets" about financial management.

The Part 2 topic of the Talkshow is "Women & Financial Independence" - a topic that is not new but never old in all time. This topic is once again recounted by Ms. Truong Ngoc Anh. Through her successes on her career path as well as behind the aura are life stories, career stories, tears of ups and downs on the way to start a business and life stumbles for adults, she gives viewers a deeper insight into the woman on her family and society.

With a gentle and attractive way of talking, Ms. Truong Ngoc Anh will step by step help viewers understand more about the experiences of modern and dynamic women regardless of age, background or education... They always make great efforts and bravely overcome many obstacles, not only for their better personal life and family, but also to contribute to the community and society.

At the last part of the Talkshow, Mr. Duy Hung - Northern market development specialist at Tickmill Vietnam will bring to investors the topic: The most overview of the market revolution 4.0. In the topic, he presented the easy way to recognize the opportunities and challenges for the traditional financial market. He will also help investors to map out the potential development of International Stock Market & Foreign Exchange in the coming time. He will end the Talkshow with valuable advices and a very fair judgment about the Tickmill brokers so that investors will have an objective view and the right choice for themselves.

For more information about the Talkshow, please click link below so that investors and customers can more conveniently follow the videos that we will update in the near future on Facebook page or on our Youtube channel.