We are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Kiana Danial (aka Invest Diva), the award-winning investing and wealth management expert. As part of our exclusive partnership with the trading coach, Kiana is presenting the daily market analysis bulletin on our Facebook page, the purpose of which is to give a brief account of how the markets are developing. Her daily market broadcast provides traders with an overview of the main developments of the day while also giving a detailed technical outlook and price action insights for key financial markets.

An Acclaimed Financial Expert

As an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and executive coach, Kiana delivered a range of engaging seminars and workshops to corporations, entrepreneurial groups and universities all over the world. Many of her articles have been published in several globally renowned media including Forbes, CNN, The Wall Street Journal and TIME Magazine. She also appears frequently on American TV and radio channels to report on the financial markets directly from the floor of NYSE and NASDAQ.

The financial industry recognised Kiana’s relentless dedication and commitment in providing the global investor community with exceptional trading education in a professional and engaging manner.Among the awards and titles received include, ‘Personal Investment Expert of the Year 2018’ at the Investment Fund Awards, ‘Best Financial Education Provider’ at the Shanghai Forex Expo in 2014, ‘New York Business Women of Influence Honoree in 2016’, and ‘Pro Bono Humanitarian Award’ by the IA Bar Association in 2013.

Kiana’s daily market bulletins complement our collection of daily trading insights into the world’s most popular markets, like Forex (Daily market analysis), stock indices (The Index Files), precious metals (Precious Metal Mondays) and commodities (The Crude Chronicles) which are available on our blog.

We are certain that Kiana’s strong financial expertise will help traders catch a glimpse of the markets in the most accurate, professional and engaging way possible. To benefit from her daily market insights, simply watch her videos on our Facebook page or on our YouTube channel.