Here at Tickmill, making a positive contribution to disadvantaged communities around the world is core to our values, therefore, we make every possible effort to support those in need either through charitable donations or other targeted initiatives.

In this spirit, Tickmill employees pulled together to collect funds in aid of those hit by the recent financial crisis in Lebanon and the Covid-19 pandemic. The country is going through tough times with many people losing their jobs and others going through severe pay cuts while inflation increases. As a result of this dire situation, many families in Lebanon are struggling to pay for food and other key necessities, while official estimates indicate that 50% of the local population is expected to fall below the poverty line soon.

Tickmill donated a significant amount to the World Lebanese Cypriot Cultural Union which was used to purchase basic food and other supplies that were distributed to families in need and other vulnerable groups.

We are pleased to have contributed our part in breaking the cycle of poverty in the country, especially at this critical time which sees the pandemic spreading rapidly all over the world. Meanwhile, we are committed to standing by the side of Lebanese people, to support them with further actions wherever possible.