In line with its commitment to lending a helping hand to those in need all over the world, Tickmill has donated a significant amount to the Off Road Kids foundation, a German-based non-profit organisation that helps homeless youth return to a healthy, independent and more productive life.

During our recent visit to Frankfurt for the World of Trading expo, the Tickmill team stopped by the premises of the foundation to learn more about the living conditions and needs of young adults whom society failed to protect.

Improving the Situation of Young People through Targeted Initiatives

Interestingly, up to 2500 children and adolescents end up in the streets at least once a year in Germany. With state aid programs falling short of expectations, the foundation plays a vital role in meaningfully integrating young underprivileged people into local society and workforce.

To this end, the foundation offers specific relief measures and programmes, including physical hotspots all over Germany and a virtual street social work station, which makes it easier for young people to reach out for help and communicate with local social workers. Meanwhile, a home schooling programme is also among the key initiatives that the foundation has in place to improve the employment prospects of young people.

We are delighted to have contributed our part in creating a better future for disadvantaged youth populations in the country and we remain committed to keep on supporting the efforts of the foundation in securing better conditions for this vulnerable social group.

Enjoy snapshots from our visit in the gallery below.