Tickmill celebrates uniting with an extremely worthwhile foundation to provide Christmas Gifts for children suffering from Cancer, Leukemia and other blood diseases.

As we reached the end of 2019, our team decided that we should end the year (and decade) on a high note, by teaming up with a local foundation making a genuine difference to children in need.

Parents focus on getting the best possible care for their child – frequently travelling to different countries for treatment and therapy. Often generating hefty medical bills, parents are then left in the unfortunate position of not being able to financially respond to their child’s wishes for toys, trips and other activities… This is where the One Dream One Wish Association steps in – bridging that exact gap by providing children with psychological support, unity and other joyous incentives to help them push through their treatment.

As a foundation, this couldn’t be closer to our hearts at Tickmill. So, our team pulled together to arrange a Christmas Party for some of the Children and their families, and to pull together some amazing gifts for the kids.

On the 23rd of December, two days before Christmas, the Children started to arrive at the Venue in high spirits - jostling to get seats close to their friends. Kicking off with speeches from the Foundation President, the event began by praising the strength and determination of the 10 children, before moving on to discuss the Association’s future plans.

After mingling with the Children and their families, it was the Tickmill team’s total pleasure to be able to show our support by presenting each child with a brand-new Lenovo Laptop. The smiles and joy we experienced while giving out the gifts were second to none!

We’d like to thank the Cyprus One Dream One Wish Association for their tireless work supporting the Children and Families within the organisation and are honoured to have been a part of something so special!

Check out some pictures and video from the event in the Gallery below.