Yi showed excellent account and risk management skills in July 2019 and got a $1,000 prize!

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How long have you been trading?

I've been trading Forex (FX) for 1 year.

How did you get involved in Forex trading?

I got involved in Forex trading from Forex seminars.

What is your trading style?

Short term trend.

Do you practice risk management?

Yes, risk management is necessary.

What are some good habits smart traders develop?

Always use Stop Loss.

Describe your best/most memorable trade (How much did you profit? What was the strategy? What pair?)

I opened a buy order when Gold (XAU/USD) was breaking the annual highest price. I made a profit of 4,000 US dollars.

What advice would you give to new traders?

To not be influenced by your own feelings.

Considering the current state of the market, what do you think are the news/events traders should keep an eye on?

Focus on breaking news.

What are the most important things you look for in a Forex broker?

To me the most important factor is the security of funds