We are pleased to have supported the Bärenherz Children's Hospice based in Leipzig, Germany, with a charitable donation which aims to make a positive impact on the local community.

The Bärenherz Children's Hospice is a medical unit that accommodates and provides professionally qualified care to families with children suffering from serious illnesses. With over 60 employees, especially in the nursing, psychosocial and therapeutic areas, the hospice ensures around-the-clock support for children and families including but not limited to medical care, counselling, accommodation, and assistance.

Given that the foundation’s viability primarily relies on public donations, we felt we could lend a helping hand to partially cover for the costs of care, accommodation, supplies and psychosocial therapies which families and their children need, especially during this challenging time of the pandemic.

The Manager of the Bärenherz Leipzig commented: “For Bärenherz the current situation is a double burden: Even in these difficult times, we want to be there for families with seriously ill children. But the economic consequences of the pandemic are drastic for us: In the children's hospice, special protective measures are necessary, which entail increased costs. At the same time, we are facing major challenges due to the cancellation of fundraising events and the break-away of loyal donors who have financial worries themselves. With this in mind, we would like to thank Tickmill for the generous donation, which is also a great sign of solidarity with the families in the Bärenherz children's hospice."

As a socially responsible organisation, we are committed to actively supporting the efforts of the foundation in order to ensure a safe and warm home for the children and ease the burden of parents whose physical, mental and financial limits are tested.