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Forex Glossary


Good ‘Til Cancelled Order (GTC)

An order to buy or sell at a specified price. This order remains open until filled or until the client cancels.

Gross National Product

Gross domestic product plus income earned from investment or work abroad.

Gross Domestic Product

Total value of a country’s output, income or expenditure produced within the country’s physical borders.

Gold Contract

The standard unit of trading gold is one contract which is equal to 10 troy ounces.

Gold Certificate

A certificate of ownership that gold investors use to purchase and sell the commodity instead of dealing with transfer and storage of the physical gold itself.

Going Short

The selling of a currency or instrument not owned by the seller.

Going Long

The purchase of a stock, commodity, or currency for investment or speculation.


The seven leading industrial countries, being US , Germany, Japan, France, UK, Canada, Italy.